WhatsApp suspends new privacy policy


Good news for WhatsApp customers. The new Privacy Policy Officers Paddle the WhatsApp again.

Lalon, WhatsApp has suspended the new privacy policy.

Your account will not be closed unless there is a new privacy policy for the WhatsApp Administrative Authority.Get the new economy and terms of WhatsApp’s privacy from May 15th

WhatsApp authorities have informed the news agency PTI about this.

According to the company, the accounts of those who do not update

The privacy policy by May 15 will remain active they will not be deleted.

It was initially said that WhatsApp’s new terms would take effect by February 4, 2021. After the publication of the new privacy policy, many people raised questions about it.

After that, WhatsApp is trying to handle the situation by postponing the launch of the new policy.The new policy was delayed by up to three months. WhatsApp has given a deadline of May 15 to accept the new policy.


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