Amazon smart plug How To setup With iPhone (Easy Step By Step)

Amazon smart plug How To setup With iPhone (Easy Step By Step)

Amazon smart plug How To setup With iPhone (Easy Step By Step)

How To Set up With iPhone

Amazon smart plug can help you Achieve a Smart Home. You can turn on the lamp’s charger in short in electronic device And connected to a power outlet. With your voice or from the Alexa app on your phone.

Want to know How we can set it up in this Blog we will show you the step by step process to set up Amazon Echo smart plug and use it with voice control.

let’s check it out

Before you start, make sure your iPhone is up to date, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have turned on also you need the Amazon Alexa app installed.

You can easily get it from the App Store if you already got it to make sure it is up to date or else it can call the problem with the setup

Connect your Amazon smart plug to the power outlet open Alexa app

on iPhone you should get a popup for the plug that if you don’t have one

Don’t worry tab more tab add device select plug select Amazon it will ask for permission tap next is a set it up using the barcode scan from the product. itself or in the quick access guide of the Amazon smart plug now scan the code.

It will start looking for the plug formation is it struck them after it is done. We will get this popup tap. Next, you will get this popup with the option, you like skipping it.

After it is connected, tap Done, And the setup process is completed, and the Amazon smart echo plug is ready to use.

Now you can start using it, but before you start, if you use multiple plugs. You can rename  It your convenience open Alexa app that devices. That plug selects your connected plug Tap setting icon Tap Edit Name, Enter a Name. You can and the name of your choice as we are using it. Your iPhone name charger now, as we can see, the Amazon smart plug name is changed.

Now connected charger to smart work and iPhone.

Whenever you say Alexa, turn on the charger, this will be turned on; as you can see, iPhone continues charging now, say Alexa turn off the charger, and that will be Alexa said, Okey.

If you have an Amazon Echo device setup like we have this Amazon echo dot 4th generation you can use this to voice command the smart plug that Alexa turn on charger ok that will be turned on again you can turn it off Alexa turn off charger OK then it will be off.

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