Apple is coming up with new features

Apple is coming up with new features

Apple is coming up with new features

On April 26, the iPhone and iPad iOS 14.5 operating system can be used in the new special feature app Tracking Transparency.

When an app is opened, a pop-up will appear on the screen on the iPhone 14 and iPad with iOS 14.5 operating system.

When the app asks the user for the option to share data, there are only two options – Allow and Cancel. Cancel the app does not work.

But in this case it will not be. There will be Ask App Not To Track option. Clicking on it will make the app work, but it will work even if you don’t share personal information.

Until now, developers have been able to track user data received over the phone through various tools. Advertisers used to combine all this data and similar data to create a user profile.

This profile was used to send various ads to users. Cos has similarly sold out to certain marketing segments in the past. This is how the app’s data sharing used to work.

Apple’s new feature has radically changed the system. If the user chooses the Ask App Not To Track option, third party apps will no longer be able to track user data, whether with the company’s IDFA system or with their own system. As a result, the sale of personal information will be permanently blocked.

And if the user clicks on the Allow option without clicking on the Ask App Not To Track option? Then it will be the way the app used to work.

However, one thing needs to be kept in mind in this context. After the update, this Ask App Not To Track option will show only once.

So if you don’t want to share data with third party apps, you have to click on Ask App Not To Track option for the first time, then you won’t get another chance.


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